Earnings: NYTCO: About.com Q407 Revenue Up Nearly 27 Percent; Op Profit Up 14 Percent

Breaking out About.com’s Q4 results from the overall New York Times Company report today … About.com revenues hit $30.7 million, up 26.8 percent from $24.2 million in Q406. As was the case with the overall NYTCo (NYSE: NYT) numbers, though, these results are skewed by an extra week in fiscal Q406. Excluding that week, About’s revenue grew 34.6 percent. Either way, the increase is due to the same mix: higher ad rates, higher cost-per-click and acquisitions.

Operating profit increased to $11.6 million from $10.2 million, up 14 percent year over year. Excluding that pesky week, it was up 24.8 percent — to $15.4 million from $12.4 million.

Put another way, NYTCo’s digital properties, including About.com, accounted for $95.2 million of the company’s $865.8 million Q4 revenue — 11 percent. About.com was responsible for more than one-third of that.

About.com was the subject of rumors earlier this week about a possible sale. Rafat got the more colorful quote but my sources said essentially the same thing: not true. This goes part of the way to explaining why.