Vodafone Cuts Mobile Data Prices

Vodafone (NYSE: VOD) has cut the price of its mobile broadband offering in the UK in an effort to attract new customers and boost revenues from mobile web services. The cost of a 3GB monthly mobile broadband plan–available only to new customers of the service–was slashed 50 percent to £15 ($30) a month, while a new data roaming plan was priced at £9.99 ($20) for a 24 hour period–about 20 pence ($0.40) per MB. Vodafone has pegged the £15 ($30) monthly plan as a promotion, but has set no end date for it. Plus, subscribers who sign up for it will keep the price throughout the length of their voice contract. The FT reported that Vodafone CEO Arun Sarin said the UK price cuts could be followed in other countries. He said,