Geek Art @ The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

I was in Mumbai for the Iron Maiden concert – almost didn’t make it over – and decided to stay for the weekend, for the Kala Ghoda Arts festival…Walking around the Kala Ghoda area yesterday, I ran into quite a few bloggers. I took a few photos of tech related installations as well:

egg and chips
Don’t ask me what to make of this, and there wasn’t a board with a name of the artwork on it…I’d call it egg and chips. 🙂

There was also an interested installation on Addiction. Two were digital media related – on Technology and Television.
addicted to television

‘Addicted to Technology’ mentions addiction to games like Halo 2 and Starcraft. There’s a mention of cybers_x as well. There’s more to addiction to technology, of course — what about email, and the need to blog, I ask?
addicted to technology
And while we’re on ‘Addicted to Technology’, much love to Airtel for a fix of free, fast and consistent WiFi at Mumbai Airport, where I’m posting this from. Quite a relief, after a few days of a Reliance data-card connection.