eBuddy: Mobile Friends and Fundraising

eBuddy, the Amsterdam-based IM aggregator, has been bringing in new friends (ie users) over the past year, both on the web and via cell phones. So with a growing number of buddies to keep happy, and new markets it wants to explore, the three-year-old startup is raising new funds, too: a Series B round of 6.5 million euros ($8.9 million) led by Prime Technology Ventures.

Last time we talked with the startup they were bringing in around 10 million unique monthly visitors for their IM web service and were about to launch a mobile client. Less than a year later, the company is claiming 12 million monthly visitors, plus 1.3 million mobile users (300,000 for the mobile client and 1 million for the mobile web site).

What’s that mean? The web to mobile additions is not a bad split, considering their mobile offering is pretty new. And with startup competitors like Meebo, mobile looks like it could be eBuddy’s ticket to future growth.