Interactive TV Provider Blue Frog Mobile Files For Bankruptcy

Blue Frog Mobile, the Seattle company that works with TV stations to allow viewers to text messages in to appear on the screen, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy late last week, saying it wishes to liquidate its assets. The company did make significant progress in its four years of existence. Originally a ringtone and wallpaper seller, it changed focus to selling its TXTV service, launching at one point in Detroit, Indianapolis and Phoenix and Los Angeles during odd hours and on off-brand TV stations.

As recently as last fall, the company was at CTIA pitching the its interactive TV service. A top exec acknowledged at the time that the company had gone through turbulent times, including layoffs and a change in management, but that things were now finally straightening out.

This story in the Seattle P-I shows things are still not clear: “Trustee Bruce Kriegman said he is not sure who has authority over the company. ‘My focus right now … is finding out whether this was an authorized filing or not because — for lack of better words — the old board and the new board are contesting who is in charge,’ said Kriegman, who received approval Monday afternoon from the landlord for access to Blue Frog’s headquarters at Rainier Tower.”

The discrepancy is odd given that the company seems to have been slowing down for awhile. The Web site shows no press releases have been posted in a year, and, according to the bankruptcy filing, there’s not much left to argue over. Blue Frog claims to have fewer than 50 creditors, between $1 and $10 million in assets, and $500,000 to $1 million in liabilities.