Turn Your Symbian S60 Phone Into A Hot Spot

JoikuSpot, a new piece of software for the Symbian S60 smartphones, might be the best thing that’s ever happened to web workers, though it is likely to raise the ire of mobile operators.

This free software turns a Symbian S60 smartphone into a Wi-Fi HotSpot. Now it’s pointless to have the software sharing crappy 2.5G connections in the U.S., but in Europe, where 3G and 3.5G wireless broadband is becoming commonplace, this could be a handy way to share your broadband with friends.

Finland’s JoikuSoft is betting that the carriers are going to promote this software because it helps them upsell premium and monthly data plans (which might work in Europe, but not in the U.S.). Joiku claims that external WLAN devices can discover the open JoikuSpot and establish an Internet connection wirelessly using the mobile phone’s 3G Internet connection. I downloaded and tried it on my older Nokia N95 and it worked as advertised. My advice, if you own one of the Nokia phones that can handle 3G (either in U.S. or Europe), is that there’s no harm in downloading and installing this software.

Download JoikuSoft Lite