OK, it’s a Fujitsu P1620

P1620I teased everyone earlier with something I had ordered and since Fujitsu is now saying the estimated ship date is not until Feb. 29th I’ll come clean so as not to make everyone wait that long to find out what it is.  I ordered a Fujitsu P1620 or Myagi Jr. as one commenter called it.  The P1610 was just about the perfect mobile PC for me with the exception of some anemic components and the refreshed P1620 should correct that nicely.  The unit I ordered is configured thusly:

1.2 GHz Core 2 Duo
2 GB memory
100 GB hard drive (4200 rpm)
Vista Business

This configuration should run Vista properly and if it doesn’t Fujitsu is doing something cool and including XP recovery disks for devices pre-installed with Vista.  The P1620 wasn’t the cheapest computer by anyone’s standards but is one of the nicest form factors available and I can’t wait to get this baby.  Complete specs after the jump.