DEMO Went Great, Then “All Hell” Broke Loose.

Our friend Ben Yoskovitz, whose launch at DEMO we followed here (Presenting at DEMO: 12 Do’s. 5 Don’ts) and on GigaOM (Standout Jobs Aims to Engage), has now written a great post on what happened after his big splash at his Instigator Blog.

Ben writes: “We generated plenty of buzz, brought in some great customers and the product held up to the initial onslaught of traffic, users and feedback. And for about 1 day I felt like everything was under control. Oops…the honeymoon ended pretty darn quickly.

Trouble is, Ben explains, at pre-launch you’re focused like a laser on one all-encompassing thing. Once you hit the green light, “you’ll be running on even more paths than before.” The The post, Launching a Startup is Barely Step One, has great details, but we’ll share Ben’s 5 summary tips on how to deal with life post-launch — when “all hell breaks loose”!

…The best thing is to be aware of the fact that this will happen after you launch. And you should take the time before launch to prepare as much as possible.

* Setup the proper infrastructure (for development, customer support, sales management, etc.)

* Outsource those things you really need help with – such as public relations, marketing and potentially even sales.

* Prioritize what you have to get done after launch, and don’t put product development as the top priority (at least not by itself.)

* [Do ONE thing at a time] Focus on getting things done and not on the overwhelming amount that you want to accomplish right this second. You can’t get everything done in an instant; just make progress every single day towards your goals. (Oh, having goals is a good idea too!)

… [Ben concludes with] Take a breather right after you launch, and admire the work you’ve put in to get to that point. Then stop patting yourself on the back and get down to the real work …