Everex: how would you like a 22-inch CloudBook?

Everex_cloudbook_ce1200vLAPTOP Magazine interviewed Paul Kim, Directory of Marketing at Everex, and has a little more information on the upcoming CloudBook as well as a forecast for future products in the line. Note: I’ve reached out directly to Paul regarding the CloudBook delays, but he has not responded yet.Some interesting tidbits from the interview show that Everex has set a minimum expectation of “equal success” against the Asus Eee PC based on specifications. Touchscreen CloudBooks should appear for consumers in the third quarter of 2008, but I can’t see that being a big sales driver for the mainstream target audience for two reasons: one, a touchscreen in a notebook form-factor serves minimal practical usage unless the screen rotates around and down; two, it’s yet unknown how the gOS will take advantage of touch. Then again, it’s based on Ubuntu 7 and we’ve seen a few positive touch and ink situations there.It’s clear that Everex is considering more for the CloudBook line than the inexpensive, portable vision they’re starting with based on talk of 22-inch displays. I think they’ll have to change the name on that one. How about the AnvilBook? 😉 Before I forget, the LAPTOP piece states a February 15th availability date for the device at WalMart, so we’re apparently back to a launch next week.