Want to design the future of Apple’s Pro Apps?

Do you possess a relentless attention to detail, a gifted eye for aesthetics and the ability to quickly grasp and distill highly complex matters? Then you just may be qualified to design future versions of Final Cut Pro, Motion and Soundtrack Pro!

Apple always has job openings, but it’s a bit rarer that they post one at mediabistro.com: Senior Human Interface Designer (free account required)

Maybe they’re just having a hard time finding enough candidates who not only possess “complete mastery of the Mac OS X platform,” but also have:

  • Minimum 5 years of experience creating innovative and visually stunning user experiences. 
  • Degree in interaction design, human factor and/or visual design (or equivalent). 
  • An outstanding body of work demonstrating the successful delivery of innovative application interface design solutions. 
  • Deep understanding of Apple’s human interface design language and the ability to translate it into future designs of Apple’s professional applications.
  • Exceptional understanding of fundamental design disciplines (typography, composition, information architecture, color and animation) and principals (affordance, clustering, consistency, usability, etc.) 
  • Ability to create final graphic assets for flawless design implementation 

Upon further reflection, that list could almost be Steve Jobs’ résumé. Oh, but “the candidate must be a natural collaborator who prefers developing designs in a team environment.” Sorry Steve. To apply for this position, go to jobs.apple.com