Dice Exits Job Portal JV With Cybermedia

This just in: Dice Holdings has sold its stake in Cybermedia Dice Careers to Pradeep Gupta, the founder of speciality media house Cybermedia, a BSE listed entity. Cybermedia Dice Careers, which owns the technology focused jobs portal Cybermedia Dice, was founded as a joint venture between Cybermedia and Dice’s Indian subsidiary Dice India Holdings in 2004. It will now be renamed Cybermedia Careers, with Gupta and Cybermedia as key stakeholders. [via release]

As per the release, the job portal has over 680,000 registered IT job seekers. We haven’t head anything about Cybermedia Dice since it reported an operating loss of Rs. 1.4 crores for the half year ending Septemer 30, 2006. In fact, even details of Cybermedia’s online segment haven’t been available since the restructuring of Cybermedia’s business into three segments: Print Publishing, Online and life sciences, and Cybermedia Services Group.