RoadSync from DataViz – 40% off this month


Amidst all of the iPhone hype last summer, I showed a brief video overview of RoadSync from DataViz. This third party app provides an alternative method for Windows Mobile devices to synch with Microsoft Exchange, plus it brings this functionality to other platforms like Symbian, UIQ and Palm OS. Normally the software runs you $49.99, but I just got word from the DataViz folks that you can grab it for $29.99, which is 40% off. You can always trial the software for 30-days before dropping some coin, but this offer expires at the end of the month.If your running Windows Mobile 5 or 6, you’re outta luck on this one as the product only supports Windows Mobile 2003 on the Microsoft side. In the short time I used RoadSync on a Nokia N81, I was generally impressed. It’s a great solution for devices that don’t have a native way to synch to Microsoft Exchange 2003 or 2007.