Flash Video for iPhone Expected, Apple TV Take 2 Now Available

Apple will soon be introducing Flash video playback to the iPhone, according to The Business of Online Video and Gear Live. Details, such as a release date, are scarce, but the move would open up the iPhone to sites that don’t offer h.264 video. What would be really great is full Flash player support, which would enable custom video players as well as scripts and animations for dynamic advertising insertion and in-video interactivity. Adobe has yet to respond to a request for comment or confirmation.

In other Apple news, the Take 2 software update for the Apple TV is now available to download, weeks after it was first announced at MacWorld. Besides a new interface, this also enables the new Apple movie rental service, which allows films to be downloaded directly to the set-top box and then synched with iTunes-compatible computers as well as iPhones and iPods and watched within a 24-hour window. Engadget has detailed the experience of installing and using the upgrade.