Alpha version of Pointui supports VGA on Windows Mobile 5, 6

Homewvgatx5Some of the recent and new Windows Mobile in the news haven’t fared so well with VGA devices. While I’m certain there’s a ton more QVGA handhelds out there, it’s a shame to neglect the folks that have four times the resolution in their hands. Pointui is one of those recent third-party solutions we hit up last month; it adds a customizable and intuitive user interface to Windows Mobile, but it hasn’t taken advantage of higher res screens… until now.The Pointui team has a new alpha version available that offers VGA support for Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices. The keyword here is “alpha”, meaning younger than “beta”, so if you try it, you can expect some issues. Some that the dev team already know of include a font issue for extended characters and cropped icons in the Windows Mobile Settings window. You can see by the screen cap that some folks are providing good feedback for the software as well.It’s also worth a mention for older device owners: there’s an alpha version specifically for your Windows Mobile 2003 device too. Thanks for the tip, Matt!