USB Modem: third party 3G phone-tethering software

UsbmodemMany moons ago, when some folks were still on dial-up, I used a an application to tether my 3G Windows Mobile phone to a laptop for modem use. That app was PdaNet from JuneFabrics and it still exists at $34 a license. If you want a cheaper alternative, take a look at USB Modem. They have a Palm version for Treos and Centros at $24.95, as well as a Windows Mobile solution for $19.95.For this type of software, I highly recommend downloading and using the trial edition first because anytime you’ve got different carriers involved, you might find what works for one doesn’t work for another. Of course, the carriers would like you to pay for a tethering option if they offer it, and you’re always running the risk that they figure out what you’re doing with a third-party app, so keep that in mind. In other words: you’re on your own if you’re violating the TOS with your carrier. Regardless of its name, USB Modem will let you tether wirelessly over Bluetooth as well as with a USB cable.(via Business Hacks)