Hanbit flavors Pepper Pad with Windows XP Tablet Edition


Due to a business relationship gone salty, Hanbit won’t be looking to spice up the ol’ Pepper Pad with Linux anymore. Instead, the Pepper folks are taking their OS, which leaves Hanbit the Pepper Pad hardware and no software. Enter Windows XP Tablet Edition, which you’ll see on the new Hanbit Pad shown above at UMPC Portal. Other appealing changes include LED backlighting for the display and a battery than can be easily removed. No word on price or an availability date just.

The AMD LX800 CPU will still be under the hood, so multi-tasking and heavy duty computing isn’t the target here. I even expect that the Tablet Edition will be pushing the envelope a bit based on my experience with the Raon Digital Vega, which uses a similar CPU. I’ve noticed that the Tablet Input Panel, or TIP, tends to lag with ink entry on devices with slower processors. Still, if you’re not too demanding in terms of your performance expectations, this could be a fun device!