Microsoft Reorg Memos; What is SPAG

Someone at Microsoft needs a lesson in acronym creativity. While sifting through all the memos that were sent out by Microsoft honchos outlining the executive reorg, I came across Search, Portals, and Advertising Group (SPAG), a division that is going to be led by Satya Nadella. This is the group which gets the beleaguered MSN, till recently led by Steve Berkowitz, formerly of That is one nasty sounding acronym if you ask me.

There have been lot of questions about what Brian McAndrews’ role going forward. According to a memo-sent by Kevin Johnson, former CEO of aQuantive will continue to lead “the Advertiser & Publisher Solutions Group (APS). As we implement the next phase of our integration plan, Brian will pick up additional responsibilities for online advertising sales, marketing, support, and all publisher business development.”

The Microsoft Memos Sent Out Today By:

* Steve Ballmer Memo
* Kevin Johnson Memo
* Satya Nadella Memo