Earth2Tech Week In Review

Another week, another set of primaries. In addition to the political goings-on this week you hopefully enjoyed a green Valentine’s Day with organic flowers and sustainably harvested chocolate. If not, redeem yourself by catching up on this week’s cleantech happenings which included helpings of startup funding announcements, venture capitalist Q&As, regulatory rumblings, and corporate cold feet. So put the withering roses in the compost, grab your portfolio and catch up on the cleantech drama.

  • 7 Carbon Bills You Should Know: With so much talk of a U.S. carbon cap-and-trade system, you’d best familiarize yourself with the legislation that has already been introduced in Congress calling for a trading scheme.
  • PG&E’s Hot Rocks Go Cold: PG&E’s first renewable energy project suddenly became not their project at all when their partner Western GeoPower canceled their agreement and put the project back on the market for any utility to bid on.
  • Four Wee Wind Startups Cash In Big: While carbon fiber allows wind turbines to get bigger and bigger, several startups are expanding the market for small-scale wind power generation.
  • Hydrovolts Generates Power With the Flow: This hydropower startup is looking to tap into the power of rivers and canals with their miniature hydro-turbines.
  • GigaOM Show: Vinod Khosla Talks Cleantech Funding: Cleantech evangelist and venture capitalist Vinod Khosla talks with us about biofuels, hybrid cars, and what sorts of investments really will save the world.