BusySync: a two-way street between iCal, Google Calendar

BusysyncIt’s no big secret that I’ve been migrating to the cloud with web apps over the past months and while the approach is far from perfect, it does become more compelling each month. BusySync looks to be another one of those compelling reasons as it provides a two-way sync between iCal on my MacBook Pro in the home office and Google Calendar. BusySync 2.0 is available in public beta right now, while the current production version is 1.5 and costs $19.95 per machine. Version 2 will cost $24.95 per license, but if you buy or currently own a 1.5 license, you’ll get a free upgrade. After my 30-day trial is up, I’ll decide to purchase or not.My first impression is that the software does what it says; the above “BusySync test” appointment was entered in iCal and now shows on Google. My setup to this point was to use Google Calendar for all event entry since they filter down to iCal via the native calendar subscription method. After using BusySync, I see that I can enter events in iCal and have them automatically appear in my Google Calendar. It looks like there are plenty of customization options in terms of calendars you do or don’t want synched, which is great for multiple calendar users, how often you want them synchronized and more. So far, so good for BusySync on day one. Folks looking for similar solutions should also consider Spanning Sync and the open source GCALDaemon.(via Infinite Loop)