Additional accessories for the P1620 on the way today

OK, I’m still waiting for the delivery of the Fujitsu P1620, in fact right now I don’t know when it might arrive.  When it didn’t arrive on Wednesday of this week I called Fujitsu and they said it shipped that day and would arrive today, Friday.  They also told me I’d receive a confirmation email that had a tracking number but that didn’t arrive.  On Thursday since I had no confirmation that the computer was shipped I called Fujitsu again and they told me it shipped that morning.  Since it’s coming direct from Japan it would arrive at Mobile Tech Manor on Monday or Tuesday.  Knowing when it might arrive is important because it is shipping with a signature required and I would have to be home to sign for it.  I still have received no confirmation that it shipped from Japan so at this point I am not sure when to expect it.  The online status still shows it as shipped which it has shown since Monday so that doesn’t mean too much.

Belkin_7_port_usb_hubMeanwhile I have ordered some little accessories to use with the Fuji when it does arrive and those should arrive today.  First up I decided I needed a USB 2.0 hub to use with the port replicator of the Fuji which only has 2 USB slots and those will be used up by the DVD drive which has already arrived.  It requires 2 USB slots so it gets enough power and even though one of them is a pass-through connector I felt I would still need several additional USB slots.  I ordered this Belkin hub which is very similar to the one I use with the MacBook Pro and am quite happy with it.  It’s a 7 port hub which is plenty but the cool thing is how 2 of the slots are on the top of the hub.  This makes it very handy to plug in memory keys and the like which I just plug in, use, and then remove.  It’s also very reasonably priced and like I said I am quite happy with the one I already have.

Patriots16sdhcmainNext up I decided to take the advice of good friend Steven Hughes and ordered a Patriot 16 GB SDHC card for use with the Fuji.  Steven is using this card with his older P1610 so it should work fine in the newer P1620.  Like Steven I intend to use 2 GB of the Patriot for ReadyBoost and the other 14 GB for movies and the like.  The Patriot was reasonably priced for such a high capacity card and I will get good use out of it I am sure.  I had actually ordered a SanDisk 2 GB SD card to use for ReadyBoost that arrived earlier this week.  For grins I tried to put it in the HP 2710p to try it for ReadyBoost and it wouldn’t work, the HP told me it was not fast enough for that usage.  I decided at that point to go with Steven’s solution which works for him so I am pretty confident this Patriot card will work fine.

Now if the P1620 would only get here already!  There are few things in life worse than waiting endlessly for new tech to arrive.