What To Expect from the Emerging Communiciations Conference

Are you happy with your cell phone? Do you feel you get enough value from your landline provider? What’s next in the communications world?

These and many other topics are up for discussion at the Emerging Communications (eComm) Conference next month in Silicon Valley, California. Industry heavyweights such as Skype, Google, Yahoo!, Twitter, and more are scheduled to present at eComm; making it both an intriguing and stellar lineup.

The eComm Conference takes place March 12-14. I was able to interview Lee Dryburgh, organizer of the conference. We discuss:

  • How mobile communications are about to be revolutionized
  • How VoIP is just the beginning of synchronous voice communication
  • Ways web workers can benefit from connected internet telephony
  • How open devices and open spectrum will benefit a distributed team

Check out the 25-minute podcast below. We look forward to reading your comments.

Additionally, when you go to eComm’s website to register, use code “GIGAOM08” for a 15% discount.