Harvard’s Kit for Sharpening Your Startup Skills

We often link to Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge, and today WK offers a handy kit of of essays that address a number of nagging founder-issues including: ownership and change of control; resource management and getting to profitability; common legal sand traps.

The package is called Sharpening Your Skills: Starting a Business. Sub-links to the essays follow, with additional F|R pieces that address the same topics.

1) Ownership and change of control: Rich or Royal: What Do Founders Want?
See also F|R’s:
Do you Want to be Rich or Be the King?
My Case Against Venture Capital.

2) Striving for profits: Turning High Potential into Real Reward.
See also:
The Margin Manifesto Part I
The Margin Manifesto Part II.

3) Resource management: How Can Start-Ups Grow?

F|R, on bootstrapping and economizing:
Startup Math: 1 + 1 = 1/2
How to Bootstrap Your Startup.

4) Legal sand traps: : Top Ten Legal Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs.
See also:
Question of the Day: Boiler Plate NDAs and Non-competes
The Dangers of Moonlighting
Patents, Why Bother?
Question of the Day: Self-Patenting.

Do you have suggestions for how to address issues like change of control, profits, legal pitfalls and resource management? If so, share them with us!