Skype gets a new chief …. Again!

The ingress and egress of executives at Skype has given us much to write about, especially the changes in the C-suite. Niklas Zennstrom (co-founder) left a few months ago and was replaced by interim CEO Michael van Swaaij who is now being replaced by Josh Silverman, currently CEO of, another eBay company.

Silverman faces some interesting challenges – he needs to figure out how to grow the revenues. Skype has seen a sharp increase in Skype-to-Skype minutes. He is making the right noises and is going to be moving to Estonia to spend time at what I personally think is the “heart” of the Skype operation. (Update: We are told this move to Estonia is temporary, about two-to-three months. )

I’m the new guy, and have a lot to learn. To really understand Skype’s cultural and technological DNA, my number one priority is to do a lot of listening and learning. With my wife and kids about to begin their adventure in Estonia as well…. As chief executive, I’m stepping into a flight deck first captained by co-founder Niklas Zennström and latterly interim CEO Michael van Swaaij. Both of whom have done great, meaningful things with this company. I don’t yet have the right to expect your enthusiastic two thumbs up. But as we go further on this journey together, I plan to earn it.”