MySpace Gets Special Delivery Pre-Paid

MySpace is launching its second original show, Special Delivery, after getting someone else to foot the bill upfront. Get a taste below of the premiere episode of the hidden-camera show, which features a Chinese food delivery man who is persuaded to pose provocatively for his customer’s camera.

Special Delivery: Strike A Pose

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Special Delivery not much different from every other prank show, but at least it’s short. As its MySpace profile says, “unlike most reality television shows, you get right to the gag without having to endure a half-hour of fluff.” The series is produced by Avalon TV, and will run two 3-minute episodes a week for nine weeks exclusively on MySpace.

Interestingly, MySpace only proceeded with Special Delivery after receiving sponsorship from Frito-Lay/Cheetos, whose product will be placed in at least one episode, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Due to the arrangement, Special Delivery‘s production was “virtually no-risk,” Cristian Cussen, MySpace TV director of marketing and content and executive producer for the show, told the paper.

Cussen said they filmed three episodes of the show in the early fall, shopped it around to advertisers and went with the “quickest bidder,” Cheetos.

Other MySpace TV shows, including its own Roommates and the externally developed and produced quarterlife, also feature heavy product placement. quarterlife creator Marshall Herskovitz told NewTeeVee in a recent interview that his show’s existence is in part due to sponsorship deals brokered after MySpace agreed to distribute and promote it.

When we started to negotiate a deal with MySpace, CAA, our agency, went to advertisers and made deals with Pepsi and Toyota, and the commitment of money that they made enabled us to go into production. If we weren’t going to be on MySpace they wouldn’t have committed any dollars.

Later, of course, Herskovitz signed a TV deal with NBC for quarterlife, all product placements intact. It premieres tonight at 10/9c.

For further reading/watching: We interviewed MySpace’s Amit Kapur (now the company’s COO) at our NewTeeVee Live conference about MySpace’s approach to content.