Run apps in your choice of resolution with a custom shortcut: Reso

ResoI was hoping that Reso would come in handy on the low-res small screen of a UMPC, but it hasn’t panned out for me in that usage scenario. Still, this 9Kb executable could be useful for larger screened devices: it creates a custom shortcut to kick off an application in the resolution of your choice. The simple interface asks you for an executable and the resolution, color setting and refresh rate you want to run the application in. Once Reso has those parameters, it creates a customized shortcut for that application along with the settings. If Internet Explorer looks good to you in a non-standard res for example, you can use the Reso-provided shortcut to kick it off in a custom resolution. Could be useful for the gamers in the audience… yes, we know you’re out there.(via Download Squad)