Vid-Biz: Pakistan, Basketball, Dailymotion

The Pakistan YouTube Outage Explained; As we reported over the weekend, Pakistan Telecom broadcasted a false claim that it was correct route for address in YouTube’s network space. This type of problem actually occurs more than you’d think. (CNET)

Digital Hoops News; gets NBA highlights section while CBS to provide March Madness highlights package for HD VOD. Also, from CBS earnings: “this year’s March Madness streaming will reap $21 million in ad revenue — up from $4 million last year, and $250k in revenue in 2005, the first year of streaming the event.” (Break: emailed release; CBS: Broadcasting and Cable, Silicon Alley Insider)

Dailymotion Adds Copyright Detection; video sharing site to implement INA’s digital fingerprint technology to automatically block illegal content. (release)

Ripe Digital Lines Up Three New Series; Ross McCall and Aaron Peters to create Model Dating: Hawaii, Are You In? and The One. (The Hollywood Reporter — beware the annoying autoplay video.)

quarterlife Premieres on TV Today; choice quote from The LA Times review: “It really is the most vanilla group of twentysomethings in captivity, a faraway kingdom of young people dreamed up by folks who haven’t been twenty-anything for a very long time.” (The Los Angeles Times)

SellPoint Raises $7 Million; provider of on-demand video product tours pulls in Series C Round from Granite Ventures, LLC and previous investor Menlo Ventures LLC.. (peHUB)

PBS Stars to Help you Fix “This OldTeeVee”; Kevin O’Connor and Norm Abram of This Old House to appear in educational spots about the digital TV switch. (Variety)