The GigaOM Show: HP EVP Vyomesh Joshi

Twenty years ago this month, the HP Deskjet launched, signaling the demise of the dot matrix printer (and its noise). Kids these days just don’t know how easy that have it. The first Deskjet cost $995, weighed 14 pounds and could only pump out two pages per minute. How did we ever make it through?

Well, people like Vyomesh Joshi, executive VP at HP’s imaging and printing division, certainly had a hand in it. Joshi stopped by The GigaOM Show to talk about HP’s Print 2.0 initiative, the company’s role in environmental issues, and the versatile abilities of inkjet technology (3D printing, anyone?). You’ve never seen anyone get so excited about printers before, though I’m still skeptical of Joshi’s claim that pictures printed with an inkjet printer are archival-quality.

You can download the episode in QuickTime, Windows Media, and Xvid.

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