Anheuser-Busch’s ‘Not Totally Dead Yet’

The obituary for Anheuser-Busch’s broadband humor site has been written many times over the past year, but the site has continued to limp along. The company said last May that it would eventually “fade away,” but at the Association of National Advertisers TV conference this week, Tony Ponturo, president and CEO of the Busch Media Group, said the online experiment was “not totally dead yet,” Adweek reported. That said, the company likely will hold off pulling the plug, saying it gives the beer marketer “a valuable link to the creative community.” And while much of the criticism of the site has been its onerous registration process, the actual content wasn’t that great to begin with either. Ponturo conceded that the site was flawed in attempts to be “hip and cool.”

A-B can at least point to the successful integration of its TV work and the internet. Ponturo wants to develop more opportunities to do what its recent Super Bowl ads did when it attracted 32 million views to the web after they airing during the game.