Surprise! Limelight Will Appeal Akamai’s $45.5M Patent Win

Like a ballet, a patent lawsuit has dozens of carefully orchestrated steps, and today’s judgment against Limelight Networks marks the beginning of the exciting part of the show, which could drag on for years, or get cut short by a settlement. Earlier today a jury in the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts found Limelight guilty of infringing four of claims in one of Akamai’s patents, and awarded the wronged content delivery network $45.5 million in damages.

Akamai also said it would seek an injunction to stop Limelight from continuing to sell infringing services. Limelight issued a release saying it was disappointed and would appeal the verdict, which means a trip to Washington’s U.S. Court of Appeals. For a program guide to how this may play out, see our previous coverage of the Verizon/Vonage patent lawsuit.