Virgin Mobile Launched In India: Not An MVNO

Virgin Mobile (NYSE: VM) has launched its mobile service in one of the biggest and most competitive mobile markets in the world: India. It has announced a ‘brand franchise’ agreement with Tata Teleservices in India…Virgin-TTSL joint venture is called Virgin Mobile India, but Virgin’s investment or share were not disclosed. Jaime Heywood (profile) is the Deputy CEO of Virgin Mobile India.

MVNO? Richard Brandson says that it’s NOT an MVNO, but “a brand extension” plan. MVNOs are not permitted in India. Both companies have the freedom to work with other partners, and enter into similar agreements with other players: “In another nine months, when the new GSM players start rolling out their services, we would look to offer similar services on GSM as well.” More here on our India site ContentSutra.