Back on the Beat: Introducing OStatic, the Open Source Blog

I have spent the past two months recuperating from my medical setback – reading, rebuilding my physical strength and of course, writing an occasional blog post or two. My doctors have given me permission to work — four hours a day – though travels and excessive appointments everyday are still a no-go. Nevertheless, it does feel good to resume some sort of normalcy. As part of my return, I would like to introduce to you the newest member of the GigaOM network: OStatic. It is a blog devoted to open-source software, notably the business of it (and the name is a play on “Ecstatic about Open Source”).

Why open source? And why now? I think the answer to both questions lies with recent events in the software industry: RedHat Software snapping up JBoss, Sun Microsystems’ billion-dollar buyout of MySQL and Microsoft’s decision to open up. All are part of a larger trend that has transformed open source from little more than a curiosity into a legitimate and viable part of the business ecosystem.

The open-source movement is ready to revolutionize the mobile phone industry; even traditional telecom is starting to see its potential. Asterisk, for instance, has become a source of innovation, and has helped spawn companies like Truphone. And venture dollars have started to flow into open-source startups at an increasingly rapid clip. Open source is slowly but surely touching (and changing) our daily lives.

For this new venture, we have deviated a little bit from our traditional blog model – we are adding a directory that lists about 150,000 software listings. The listings link to either projects, their original home pages, or SourceForge. The new blog also has a “Q&A” section that will allow you to ask questions and get answers from the community. The technology and a lot of the initial content for the site has come via a licensing agreement with Cambridge, Mass.-based VOX Holdings.

I hope you will give the new blog a fair shake and add it to your RSS reader. (You can do that by clicking and subscribing to the OStatic feed.) If you are a subscriber to the GigaOM Network feed then you will see OStatic posts show up in your feed reader automatically.

With this out of the way, and me back on track (partially), it’s time to start working on the next blog. Ah…the stress of deadlines.


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