Mobile Phones: Still A Hard Nut To Crack

Success in the mobile handset business is akin to a minor league player making it to the big leagues — a long shot. Over the past few years, I have seen many a big player capitulate and get out of the market. Alcatel, Siemens and Sendo come to mind. Others, like BenQ, tried and bit the dust. And the trend continues.

Mitsubishi, known in the U.S. for their automobile brand, facing a maturing market in Japan have decided to shutter their 25-year-old mobile handset business. That makes me wonder, who’s going to hightail it out of Dodge next? Motorola is too obvious and doesn’t count. Any other picks?

In related news: Engadget reports that iMate, the Dubai-based maker of Windows Mobile phones, has cut most of its U.S. staff after failing to find traction with American carriers.