Silverlight Goes Mobile With Nokia

Nokia has signed up to use Microsoft’s Silverlight platform for its S60 and S40 mobile devices as well as its Nokia Internet tablets, marking the first mobile win for the Redmond giant’s rich media development framework. This follows announcements last year of Silverlight support for Linux and Macs. With the mobile push, Microsoft is moving toward making Silverlight a truly cross-platform tool, able to compete with Adobe Flash.

John Case, a general manager with Microsoft, said Nokia represents the first of several similar announcements for Silverlight on mobile devices. He also said the next generation of Windows Mobile will support Silverlight, though he declined to give a time frame for the release of Windows Mobile 7. In the year since Silverlight’s launch, more than 8,000 applications have been developed for it, according to Case.

Microsoft’s emphasis on getting Silverlight onto mobile devices, coupled with developments such as Intel’s push into low-power processors for mobile computing, further highlight the trend of “computing anywhere.” But while the hardware and software are important in pushing that trend, we need affordable ubiquitous broadband to make it worthwhile.