Xubuntu for your Eee PC: another good OS alternative

EeexubuntuAs nice as I and my 10-year old son find the user experience on the Asus Eee PC, I’m actually enjoying Xubuntu more than the out-of-the-box Xandros build. I suspect many mainstream consumers would as well since it’s quick and more Windows-like, read: less of a transition for most people. I haven’t benchmarked anything but the overall system feels a little more peppy than it did with Xandros or Windows XP. At the moment, I can’t use my Verizon USB727 EV-DO card, but I’ll be looking into that. If I can address that issue, I’ll likely keep Xubuntu on the Eee for a mobile work; if not, I’ll probably go back to XP as I need my always-on connectivity.Folks considering this change should definitely check out the eeeXubuntu Wiki page as there’s a custom build of Xubuntu specifically for the Eee PC, complete with all the drivers. Plus, it’s built from the latest version of Ubuntu, which is rock solid; the notable difference is that Xubuntu uses Xfce instead of GNOME for the desktop environment.