More on The Real ZD: ZDE Says We Are Not ZD

More in the ongoing Ziff Davis bankruptcy saga…as we mentioned before, the confusion over three companies having Ziff Davis (or at least ZD) as part of their branding doesn’t help. Now this confusion has escalated in its seriousness as Ziff Davis filed for Ch 11…so much so that a note from Steve Weitzner, CEO of Ziff Davis Enterprise (the enterprise division which was sold last year to Insight Venture Partners) points out the market confusion and clears the air (imagine the effect of the confusion if ZDE or Ziff Davis happened to be a publicly traded company):

“I joined Ziff Davis Enterprise in January because I saw an unprecedented opportunity to serve technology buyers and sellers in this market. After two months on the job I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

However, I’m aware of the potential confusion that some recent media industry news might be causing about Ziff Davis Enterprise. So let me set the record straight:

1. Ziff Davis Enterprise and Ziff Davis Media are not the same company. Ziff Davis Enterprise is an entirely separate entity. We were acquired in July 2007 by Insight Venture Partners, a leading venture firm with an extensive portfolio of internet enablement companies.

2. We are well-funded and continually investing in infrastructure and innovation that best serves our customers. Thanks to our parent, Insight Venture Partners, we have significant investment capital at our disposal.

3. We are B2B technology’s trusted information and marketing resource.

The unique combination of our relevant, objective content, contextual marketing and audience development expertise accelerates the technology buying process – for buyers and sellers – by delivering the right message at the right time to the right audience. I am extremely excited about our opportunity for success in this ever changing market and look forward to a rewarding relationship with our audience and the marketing community.

Best regards,

There you go…change the name, Steve, will Ya?