SuperPoke, FunWall Seek UK Ads For Social Widgets

Look out, pokers! Just in time for “Facebook fatigue”, Slide – perhaps more commonly known for its slideshow widget – is about to put British advertisers on its SuperPoke, FunWall and Top Friends Facebook apps. Some of Slide’s apps, which also work on other social nets but rank amongst Facebook’s most popular with 85 million installs, already take advertising in the US – but now the San Francisco outfit is tapping London-based ad house Monetise to build local relevance. This deal covers primarily Facebook and Bebo. Monetise said it would offer advertisers “communications opportunities including SuperPoke actions, FunWall posts and Top Friends integration”. Facebook itself has embarked on social advertising, of course, though it’s thought its UK sales operation is concentrating on display ads for now. Slide itself doesn’t have a UK presence. Release.