Google Releases Google Calendar/Outlook Sync tool

GcalFor web workers, anything that can relieve the stress of managing information will be a huge help.  For instance, I manage two calendars, my personal Google Calendar and my work Outlook Calendar.

We have covered a few utilities that have tried to solve the 2-way syncing issue, but none have been rock solid enough to use full time.  In fact, I’ve destroyed my Outlook calendar multiple times trying to sync with my Google Calendar.  This is why I was very happy to see Google has released a Calendar Sync tool.

To get started, download the application and walk through the install process.  Once installed, you’ll be presented with 3 options:

  • 2-way sync, applies changes to both your Google Calendar and Outlook calendars with each other
  • 1 way sync where Google Calendar events will be presented on your Outlook calendar
  • 1-way sync where your Outlook calendar events are presented on your Google Calendar.

Another available option includes setting the update interval between calendars.  You’re  able to set the interval for a minimum of 10 minutes.

An icon will sit in your system tray to keep you alert on the status of the sync tool.  Keep in mind, you can’t work with multiple calendars both on the Google side and the Outlook side of the sync.  You can only sync your primary Google and Outlook calendars.

While this is an exciting development, this utility is only available for Microsoft Windows and Outlook.  It will be nice when the Apple iCal application is supported with 2-way sync with Google Calendar.

Additionally, there are other ways to enhance your Google Calendar.

[via Official Google Blog]