Wallstrip Team Taps the Street for Moblogic

The folks behind financial web show Wallstrip — who cracked the nut of online video if only because they got CBS to buy them for $4 million — are launching a new show on Friday. Moblogic is a show about popular opinion. Host Lindsay Campbell (who’s been replaced at Wallstrip by Julie Alexandria) will take a particular news story to the street each day and ask people what they think about it.

Rather than the highly scripted Wallstrip, “This show is about the immediacy,” said co-creator Adam Elend, speaking from a car whose passengers included Campbell, co-creator Jeff Marks, and the show’s two producers, all en route to catch a plane bound for the South by Southwest festival in Austin.

The challenge will be to get people to think the show’s interpretation of what the populace thinks is interesting. Elend hopefully described Moblogic as a “flagship” site for political bloggers, but those folks are notoriously judgmental and splintered — and how many of them give a damn about what the populace thinks, anyway?

“It’s one thing to find something intriguing and turn on your webcam,” Elend said. “We want to be a catalyst for conversation.”

So has CBS changed the Wallstrip team? And have they changed CBS? Elend said he and Marks have been avidly “proselytizing” web video internally to the likes of CSI creator Anthony Zuiker. Meanwhile, CBS lets them do their thing, though it does send in its corporate lawyers to review new episodes. Like Wallstrip, Moblogic will be broadly syndicated to all the venues in CBS’ Audience Network.

“The real opportunity behind acquiring Wallstrip has always been to have core DNA inside CBS that appreciates the web as a new medium entirely,” said Quincy Smith, president of CBS Interactive, in a statement.

does not yet have a sponsor, but it will be expected to earn its keep, said Elend.