Touch screen won’t wake up? A fix.

One weird problem I have experienced with the Fujitsu P1620 and a couple of other UMPCs is that occasionally the touch screen would go dead.  It never happened often but when it did the only way to get the touch screen to come back on was a reboot of the system.  I have seen this on both Windows XP and Vista and it happened twice on the P1620 when I started to troubleshoot it in earnest.  What I discovered was a simple fix that might help anyone else who has suffered from the touch screen malady.

One of the differences in hardware on the P1620 over the predecessor the P1610 was the change to a USB-based touch screen controller.  I got to thinking about this change when I had the second failure of the touch screen to wake up and realized that it always happened upon a resume from sleep.  I know that Windows defaults to allow the OS to shut USB components down as part of the power saving features so I checked in the Device Manager to see if that was the case.


Sure enough if you look under HID (Human Interface Devices) and open the FCL USB Pen Tablet component you find that under the Power Management tab the touch screen is set to allow power management to shut this device down.  Now I can’t think of a single circumstance when you would ever want the touch screen controller to be shut down so just deselect that option on that tab and you should be home free:


So far my touch screen has not turned itself off and since the fix is so easy it’s worth doing even if yours hasn’t turned itself off yet.  It might save you some trouble down the road.