Computerworld- the two laptop minimum

Businessman_computers_205463Bob Russell of MobileRead sent me a link to a story on Computerworld that looked like it could easily have been written by someone we know and hopefully love.  Author Mike Elgan has written a very interesting article about how the small laptops like the EEE PC have changed the way he believes the road warrior should equip themselves for getting the most work done.  He states correctly that there is nothing better than these tiny laptops for getting work done on airplanes and during layovers on business trips.  He goes on to state that these laptops are too small to get the most work done in hotels as you need to get the biggest screen you can carry to be the most productive.  Thus, his "two laptop minimum".  He explains his thought process:

1. Regular laptops have gotten far cheaper. Moore andhis law have brought down the costs of miniaturization, LCD real estateand other components.

2. Researchers have established an inescapable correlation between screen size and productivity

3. The Asus Eee PC and its ilk have transformed the market — and pricing — for tiny laptops.

For the most part I agree with Mike although in my case it’s currently a 3 laptop minimum.  I don’t even own a desktop PC like Mike thinks you need at home, no I’m quite happy with my 17" MacBook Pro with a second monitor attached on my desktop.  Throw in the HP 2710p and the Fujitsu P1620 and my 3 laptops are hard to beat.  I would disagree with Mike on needing a bigger laptop for working in hotels on trips however.  I find the P1620 to be a full-function laptop with no compromises for getting things done but that’s likely just me.  I’m writing this on it as a matter of fact.  Mike’s article is a good read though and shouldn’t be missed.  Have a look at it and let us know what you think about Mike’s premise.