DVB-H is the EU Mobile Standard

The EU today chose DVB-H as the region’s official unofficial mobile television standard, leaving Qualcomm’s MediaFLO technology stuck in the States and DMB alone in Asia. The EU however, can only ask its member nations’ governments to endorse the standard — they have no power to force it down anyone’s throat.

Which is good, because last week Ofcom, the regulatory body responsible for awarding spectrum in the UK, announced auction plans for the 1452MHz–1492 MHz L-band spectrum for mobile television. It spurned the calls for a EU-mandated mobile television standard and opened up the auction to a variety of standards.

This is good for a company like Qualcomm, whose MediaFLO technology now has a chance of implementation. It may also offer up opportunities for mobile television delivered via WiMax, but we’ll have to wait until this summer to see the results of the auction. Bids are due by April 10, so sharpen those pencils and check out the rules. And for those of you who enjoy the spectrum auction process, Canada is putting 105 MHz up for bid, so even after the U.S. 700MHz auctions are over, there will still be plenty of wireless drama.