Least liked thing of the Fujitsu P1620

Battery2Don’t get me wrong, I am still loving the productivity I am achieving with the Fujitsu P1620 but like Kevin showed us with his new Samsung Q1 UP, not always is everything exactly to our liking.  The one thing that is driving me nuts about the Fuji probably won’t matter to most folks but given the way I work it is having an impact that I don’t like.  I often use the Fuji in the morning at home prior to heading out for the day and when I am done using it I pop it into the dock to top off the battery so that it’s fully charged when I pick it up to head out.  The problem is that is usually doesn’t charge when I do this so when I head out my battery is not fully charged.

Many mobile devices have a threshold to protect overcharging the battery and most of them will not charge the battery if you hook it up to power and have ~95% or greater battery life left.  This is by design and is not a big deal most of the time.  What I have discovered about the Fuji is that it will not charge the battery unless it is less than 90% charged when I pop it in the dock.  It gets such good battery life that I rarely use up more than 10% of the charge with my early morning ritual so even though I pop it into the dock to charge while I am getting ready for work I find that it usually isn’t charging.  Every day I am heading out the door with only about 94% battery life because it won’t top off the battery.  I understand that safety is important but I really do need my battery at 100% when I head out for the day.  I am getting between 5 – 6 hours on a charge so that 6 – 10% of missing battery could buy me an extra half hour of battery life and that is significant.  Of course I have my 2nd extended battery so I’m not going to run dry but this could save me a battery swap.  What I find myself doing is trying to use up more than 10% of the battery with my morning usage by changing the power settings to "maximum performance" so it will top off when I need it to.  This doesn’t always work though so I have to be careful that I’m not using even more juice than necessary doing this.  Plus I have to remember to set it back to "power savings" mode when I head out so I won’t use up too much juice doing my field work.  I wish the threshold was much higher like 95%, I could live with that.