HT Media’s Job Portal Goes Live

HT Media’s job portal has gone live…the tagline – “Shine is a place to grow”. The site, currently in beta, is at present accepting registration from job seekers. I did a couple of random jobseeking searches on Google (NSDQ: GOOG) – it doesn’t appear as if they’re doing Search Engine Marketing yet, though I could be wrong.

To drive registrations, they’re offering a daily prize of a months salary, and a bumper prize of a years salary (though for the daily prize, you’re only eligible for the day you register. The contest is going to run from March 26th to April 21st 2008. The registration process was fairly simple, but there’s nothing yet to browse – the full site hasn’t been launched yet, and it appears that they’re currently collecting resumes for showcasing to companies. They’re also collecting salary information, to create a survey for helping users compare salaries with their peers.

More as we have it.

Update: Didn’t realize that Alootechie had done the story on this before us. I just confirmed the time from Rajesh Barnwal, Editor of Alootechie. I’ve been checking for a few weeks now, awaiting it’s launch, particularly since a March launch was mentioned in the HT Media earnings call.

Update 2: Amit Garg, head of Firefly e-Ventures, HT Media’s new media company, has declined to comment on the companys plans or discuss their strategy.