WalkingHotSpot turns your WinMo, S60 phone into a WiFi hotspot

TrslogoWallkingHotSpot sounds similar to JoikuSpot in that it turns your 3G phone into a WiFi hotspot. But there’s two main differences. One, JoikuSpot only works on S60 devices while WalkingHotSpot will support both S60 and Windows Mobile. Two: JoikuSpot has been available for some time; WalkingHotSpot from TapRoot Systems was just announced, so you can’t try it just yet.HSDPA phones, like those on AT&T’s network will be able to use the software to create a hotspot while simultaneously receiving voice calls. CDMA phones on Verizon, Sprint and Alltel on the other hand, can’t but that’s a limitation of the network technology used, not of any software. Either way, apps like this are useful when working or traveling with friends that don’t have 3G. As for me: I take the American Express approach with my EV-DO modem. I don’t leave home without it. PhoneScoop indicates that while a consumer beta will soon be available, TapRoot plans to sell the software directly to carriers. If that happens, the “wow” factor goes way down on my mobile tech meter since I can all but guarantee a monthly charge for this type of service.