WordJot: Combo Newsletter and Blog

ScreenshotHard though it may be for a web worker to imagine, there are still folks who don’t “get” RSS. In some pockets, the email newsletter reigns supreme, despite the hassles of spam-blocking and uncertain delivery. If you’re dealing with an audience who want or need the newsletter option, startup WordJot has a new idea. Their service looks a whole lot like a hosted blog with a traditional RSS feed – but your blog also gets a “Subscribe by email” box at the top. Readers who put their address there will get your future postings right in their inbox.

The WordJot editor is a fairly stripped-down WYSIWYG editor; you can do fonts and colors and bullets, but if you want something fancy you’ll need to drop into HTML mode. On the other hand, “fancy” doesn’t do well in most email readers; the basics WordJot offers come across fine to most email clients these days. The software also supports categories, and subscribers can choose which categories they want to get via email. You can try WordJot for free, but only up to three posts; after that, it’s $39 per month.