Ze’ev’s ZEVs: Tesla Takes on CARB

Tesla Motors is preparing to head to Sacramento this week to fight for the disintegrating Zero Emission Vehicle Program, Tesla CEO Ze’ev Drori blogs. This Thursday, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) will host a public hearing on potential changes to the program that could further remove mandates for zero emissions vehicles (ZEVs).

This has got the Roadster-maker worried — and with good reason. Back in 1990, CARB sought to put an increasing number of ZEVs on the road to clean up California’s air. Initially, the goals were to have ZEVs represent 2 percent of the state’s cars by 1998, 3 percent by 2001 and 10 percent by 2003. However, none of those goals were met or even maintained, and many have argued that CARB has routinely and repeatedly caved to auto industry pressure.

Now, in 2008, CARB seems to be rolling over again for Detroit automakers — but this time California’s own growing auto industry will be lobbying for the ZEV program. Ze’ev blogs:

“Tesla Motors strongly disagrees with the recently proposed changes to the ZEV Mandate as reflected in the staff’s ‘Initial Statement of Reasons’ dated February 8, 2008 and is lobbying against the proposed changes.”

We’ll be attending the hearing and will bring you the details of Drori’s talk.