Auto-hide Firefox status bar extension data

I almost passed up this handy little trick from the How-To Geek until I realized how useful it could be on a smaller screened device. Using the Stylish extension for Firefox and an Auto-Hide script, you can keep a clean appearance in your browser’s status bar, but see data from other extensions when you need to. After installing Stylish and the script, you’ll see the standard status bar info in your browser during normal use. Hovering your cursor over the status bar un-hides any data from other extensions that reside there. Of course, we touchscreen device owners can’t just hover, so you’ll need to tap the status bar for the same effect. Once your cursor leaves the area, all data from your extensions is promptly hidden.Here’s a sample of everything hidden:FirefoxautohideactiveAnd here’s a shot when you hover on the status bar:Firefoxautohide_2It doesn’t get smaller-screened device users any more real estate, but it helps make good use of what you have and keeps things tidy.