Coming Soon, Even Faster EDGE Networks

nokia_siemens_networks_logo.jpgWith 3G and 4G wireless broadband becoming part of the daily mobile lexicon, who has time for pokey old EDGE networks? Nokia Siemens Networks, a wireless equipment maker, does and has come up with a new software solution that doubles the EDGE data speeds.

The new technology, called Nokia Siemens Networks’ Dual Carrier EDGE solution, will double the data speed to up to 592 kbps on existing EDGE-capable GSM networks. It will be available in the third quarter of 2008, and will soon be followed by what NSN calls EGPRS 2, which will result in downlink speeds of up to 1.2 Mbps and will double uplink speed to up to 473 kbps, thus quadrupling the capabilities of EDGE today. Now that means millions of iPhone users can now look forward to a new, faster day, when their devices will get a true taste of speed!