It’s Good to Be King: Tudors on YouTube

Since Lost is a repeat tonight, you can fill that vacant hour over on YouTube, where Showtime has put up the entire first episode of season 2 of The Tudors. Well, almost the full episode. Not one to give its cash cow away, Showtime has edited out all the naughty bits. If you want to see the, ummm, royal jewels, you’ll have to pony up for a subscription.

This isn’t the first time Showtime has offered up full-length shows to entice you into subscribing. It premiered the David Duchovney-starrer Californication through Netflix, The L-Word on Ourchart, and offered up the Weeds season three premiere on the Showtime site. Elsewhere in pay-cable land, perhaps seeing the digital writing on its own wall (and its number of hits dwindling), HBO gave away episodes of In Treatment earlier this month to try and juice the struggling show.