Charge, power laptops in your car with Belkin’s Travel Power Adapter

32158On the run in your car with mobile devices all the live-long day? Belkin’s Travel Power Adapter might be the best friend your glovebox every had based on this overview at TabletPCReview. For around $100, you get the adapter that fits in your vehicle’s cigarette lighter and 11 interchangeable tips. Simply plug in your notebook or other device while you’re driving and you’ll be charging up your laptop on the go. Hey, if you’re driving, there’s pretty much 100% chance you’re not using the laptop at the same time, right? [If your specific answer to that question is ‘no’, please don’t tell me….]There’s over eleven-feet of cord from end-to-end of the adapter, so your lappy can even ride in the back seat while getting re-juiced. Alternatively, you can go the cheaper route of buying a power inverter for your vehicle. I’ve seen some in the $30 to $50 range, but they tend to be much larger than this solution from Belkin. Note: Dell owners will want to pass this one by… I noticed in the review that Dell laptops wouldn’t work with this.